Monroe Preparing For Heavy Rains

Aug 24, 2017

Residents Urged to Prepare for Potential Heavy Rainfall related to Tropical Depression Harvey

Mayor Jamie Mayo and the Monroe City Council join officials with Ouachita Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness to urge residents of Monroe and all of Ouachita Parish to prepare for potential heavy rainfall related to Tropical Depression Harvey, which is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Meteorologists are predicting the slow-moving storm has the potential to become a Tropical Storm and even a Hurricane. Possible flash flooding and other serious weather systems are possible throughout Louisiana over the next several days.

Mayor Jamie Mayo says, “In anticipation of possible heavy rainfall and/or flash flooding, the City of Monroe Public Works Department is asking for assistance from all citizens to ensure that all debris is cleared from yards, ditches, curb sides, drainage grates, etc. Any precautions that can be taken prior to this rainfall would be most helpful in preventing possible localized flooding.”

Monroe Public Works Director Tom Janway adds, “Public Works Division Heads and Supervisors are working to ensure that all identified personnel is available if needed for deployment to assist with flooding and weather related issues. Our personnel, trucks and equipment will be staged and ready for deployment if needed.”


The City of Monroe has 42 storm water pumps operating at 18 different pump stations in neighborhoods around town. Currently, 40 out of the 42 pumps are 100% operational.

As has been previously mentioned at recent press briefings and Monroe City Council meetings, the two pumps that are currently down are:

1) The Pegram storm water pump station is located in River Oaks near Pegram Place. One of the two pumps at this station is currently down. The electric pump is down due to damage caused by debris from the canal. Again, the Pegram station has two pumps, 1 electric and 1 diesel. The diesel pump is 100% operational. The electric pump is being repaired and is scheduled to be installed and operational sometime next week. There is a remote chance that repairs might be complete by this Friday, August 25. An update will be sent out when the pump is installed and operational.

2) The Stubbs storm water pump station has one of its two pumps down for repair. It was damaged by wood which floated into the station. Repairs are underway but will not be complete for about one month from now. In addition to the one pump that is down, there is another electric pump at the Stubbs station which is 100% operational.