Migrating Bat Swarms Causing Headaches for Some Schools

Feb 13, 2019

Swarms of bats have recently taken up residence at several schools in Louisiana.

The Advocate reports the swarms have caused some annoyance at Zachary High, the University of Louisiana at Monroe and Vermilion Parish's Gueydan High in recent weeks.

United Bat Control Owner Kevin Koski says the animals are migrating north from Mexico to reach their breeding grounds by spring. Catching the creatures involves closing the doors and windows where a colony is hiding, waiting for them to wake up for their nocturnal foraging and trying to seal entryways while they're out.

Health officials then help make sure a building is safe. State public health veterinarian Gary Balsamo says bats can transmit rabies, and their guano contains a fungus that can lead to a respiratory infection known as histoplasmosis.