Introducing Love 146 to Ouachita Parish

Mar 22, 2019

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The Children's Coalition's Jan Daniels is bringing Love 146 to end sex trafficking in Monroe and the Ouachita Parish region. 

Love 146 will focus on local middle schoolers. The program is a five-week module on preventing sex trafficking.

Jan Daniels says the warning signs of an at-risk child may include:

  • low self-esteem
  • loneliness
  • questioning their sexuality
  • struggling with porn
  • pressure to look good and be the best student
  • high conflict relationships with family
  • victims of bullying
  • unable to fit in

By focusing on who's most vulnerable, the program hopes to end the idea that sex trafficking could not exist locally. Through education, children and teens can recognize and resist traffickers and remain safe. 

If you suspect that you or someone you know is in danger, immediately contact law enforcement and tell a trusted adult. 

Time to Talk is produced with the Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana and BayouLife Magazine.