Hospice Volunteers Make a Difference

Sep 19, 2018

A diagnosis of terminal illness is traumatic; especially in cases when a patient is given only a few months to live.  Hospice care provides needed help to patients and their families to address end-of-life care. 

"For a terminally ill patient, hospice concentrates on managing a patient's pain and other symptoms so that the patient may live as comfortable as possible and make the most of the time that remains," explains Robyn McCarty, bereavement volunteer coordinator with Ascend Hospice.  "A team of registered nurses, certified nurses aids, medical social workers, chaplain, and volunteers along with the bereavement volunteer coordinator" work with the patient to address end-of-life needs.

Volunteers play a very important role in hospice care and bereavement management.  McCarty explained that hospice volunteers are required to undergo a training process and a background check before they are considered qualified to work with the patient and the family. 

McCarty invited people to call Ascend Hospice to volunteer for the hospice program.  The number to call is 318-398-8190.  Hospice volunteers help with the bereavement process.