Governor Edward Vows To Veto Proposed Budget

Apr 20, 2018

Governor John Bel Edwards says the proposed budget that was approved by the House is a non-starter, and if it reaches his desk, he’s not signing it. The budget maintains higher ed, and funds TOPS at 80 percent, but includes steep cuts to healthcare that could shutter public-private hospitals that care for the poor. Edwards says it’s a budget unworthy of the people of Louisiana


Edwards says, "The types of cuts that I just described to you do not happen in the state of Louisiana.The state is better than this. They deserve better than this."

Edwards says there’s only one way forward now under the state’s constitution: and that’s returning to a special session where additional revenue can be generated to replace the 648 million dollars that are missing from the current budget.

Edwards expresses, "There is no way to move that money around and make this budget one that is worthy of the people of Louisiana. So the Senate cannot fix this. It's just the unfortunate reality that we need a special session." 

Reports indicate lawmakers are planning on returning for a special session in mid-May.