Duca Tapped By Pope Francis To Lead Baton Rouge Diocese

Jun 27, 2018

Pope Frances has appointed a new Bishop to preside over the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Bishop Michael Duca will be transferred from Shreveport, where he’s been for the last ten years. He’s replacing Bishop Robert Muench, who’s held the position since 2002. Duca says he didn’t see it coming, but he’s looking forward to serving the people of Baton Rouge.

"I was completely suprised by this appointment and while I am sad to leave the good people of the Diocese of Shreveport, I immediatley accepted the appointment without reservation", said Duca.

Duca, who previously served in Texas, as well as Shreveport, says he’s got a lot to learn about the culture of the southern portion of Louisiana. 

"There is north Louisiana , South Louisiana and New Orleans,  I don't even know enough to know how much I don't know about south Louisiana to be worried about how much I don't know", said Duca. 

Michael Gerard Duca, a native of Dallas, Texas, was ordained a priest on April 29, 1978 for the Diocese of Dallas. He studied at  Holy Trinity Seminary in Dallas from 1970 to 1978 and also studied in Rome from 1994 to 1996 at the University of St. Thomas Angelicum where he received his License in Canon Law.

He serves as a trustee to Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans and St. Joseph Seminary, Covington, LA and is a member of the St. Francis Medical Center Board of Directors.