DHH Seeks Solution to High Rate of ADHD Meds

Dec 9, 2014

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals held a symposium Tuesday looking at potential solutions to the growing number of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnoses and treatments.  DHH reports that Louisiana has the second highest  of ADHD prescriptions in the country.

Louisiana ranks second for highest rate of ADHD prescriptions.
Credit AP

DHH Secretary Kathy Kliebert says "the state began looking at possible reasons for the high usage rate and a review of managed care plans."  From 2008 to 2012, ADHD medication use rose over 35 percent.  Use among young adults has nearly doubled over the same time period.  The meeting in Baton Rouge included parents, doctors, community members, and experts to begin a dialogue of possible solutions.   

Credit lhap.org

Kliebert believes there is alot of over-prescribing of medications.  She says that raises concern because some studies show ADHD medication as a gateway drug that is seriously abused.