Child Care Becoming More Scarce As Parents Grow In Age

Oct 13, 2021

As parents, a constant concern is about how we can fend for our child even after we have passed on. Dr. Anita Sharma speaks with Aliscia Banks, a mother of an adult child with a severe disablity, to discuss the fear of her son's future and other parent's experiencing a similar situation. 

As a parent of an adult child with severe disablities, what are some thoughts or concerns you have as you get older? 

I am usually focusing on my son and his care, but I have begun to think about who is going to provide that when my husband and I are gone. I am always trying to come up with solutions on how to take care of him once we are at the age that we are not physically able to do that ourselves. The best option would be immediate family members since we and many others alike are not financially suited to pay for the help.

How old is your son and what is his functional level? Are there any concerns about the ability for anyone to take care of him as well as you have?

He is 32 and functions at about the same rate of a 4 year old. It is very difficult to care for all his needs as he needs assistance for everything he does like eating, restroom needs, and hygiene. I worry and wonder who will manage that when we are not in his day to day life anymore.

What is some advice that you would give to families in a similiar situation as you?

Make the plans now and form a road map. Write it all down to be certain you know who will be responsible for what after you have gone. Nobody wants to think about it, but we all must and now is the time.