Birds Usually Don't Need Your Help

Mar 26, 2019

With the arrival of spring and summer approaching, the likelihood of crossing paths with young birds that appear to be in distress rises. While the temptation for some to scoop them up in an effort to assist the animal is there, many times what appears to be trouble is actually quite natural for fledglings. LDWF bird biologist Melissa Collins says," It is best to enjoy what you see but leave injured or orphaned birds undisturbed."

Collins says Migratory Bird Treaty Act makes it’s unlawful to capture, transport, or possess many varieties of birds, even if someone feels they are helping a situation. A person needs a state rehabilitaion permit and a U.S. Fish and Wildlife migratory bird permit. 

Collins adds if someone still feels that a bird is in trouble, they should contact LDWF before attempting to handle the animal.