90.3 KEDM Drive to Unify

Sep 13, 2019

We're almost there! KEDM is just $10,000 short of the fall goal of $35,000 to bring you news that matters in northeast Louisiana. Every gift makes a difference! Please make a gift today!

KEDM brings people together. No matter your political party, age, or race, you can agree that KEDM is radio that matters for everyone.

When you listen to 90.3 KEDM, you hear programming that's about connection. KEDM brings you stories from different communities, news with depth, and respectful conversations between people with different opinions.

Consider the way news from around the globe can affect our lives here... or how a report on a new discovery or book or artist or film can inspire your imagination unexpectedly.

The news never takes time off, so the reporting and cultural coverage from KEDM never gets a day off either. Your need to stay informed is always there -- so KEDM is too!

Make a contribution during the "Drive to Unify" campaign to ensure the coverage you count on never has to take time off.

The on-air portion of the campaign is September 13-20, 2019. Call 342-5575 or click here to give online.

Your support of KEDM means free daily access to rich cultural experiences—music, art, theatre, books—to engaging and intriguing storytelling, and to a whole world of history, science, and politics illuminated in ways that can enrich your understanding each time you listen.

There’s no substitute for staying connected to the world of information, ideas, and insights with KEDM. And there’s no substitute for the power of listener support like yours to ensure that KEDM stays healthy and strong.

Ensure radio that’s always here for you has the resources to bring you the ideas, information, and inspiration you need, and connect you to the world beyond your door. Donate to the KEDM fall campaign today!