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Abraham: What's Coming in 2018

Ralph Abraham

Congressman Ralph Abraham says he ready to get back to work in Washington in 2018. One of the first issues to be tackled will be funding the government when Congress returns from the holiday break. 

"When we get back Monday that's going to be hitting us broadside" said Abraham. 

The bill to fund the government will include reauthorizing the C.H.I.P. program. The program provides healthcare assistance for children. Funding for terrorism surveillance programs will also be discussed next week. 

Abraham thinks the economy seems to be on an uptick with the passage of the tax reform package. 

"Jobs are coming back, just after the passage of the bill you saw employers like Boeing, Wells Fargo, and Comcast give bonuses and told the administration that they are going to invest in large infrastructure projects;  Business are optimistic, and when they are optimistic they hire."

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