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We've collected a stories about the 2015 Louisiana Legislative Session. What new bill is coming up for a vote? How are lawmakers doing in protecting higher education and health care from cuts? What other initiatives are in the works for Louisiana? Find them here.

House Passes Bills To Raise $670 Million In Revenue


The state House has advanced a package of bills that would raise $670 million to help cover a $1.6 billion budget shortfall.

The legislation, headed to the Senate, raises cigarette taxes and calls for an across-the-board 20 percent cut of business tax breaks.  "When it goes to the Senate, they're going to need more money because 670 million doesn't come close to protecting health care and higher ed," says political observer Bernie Pinsonant.

Pinsonant believes the House provided a good start, but contends the deficit, at this point, has a ways to cover the budget shortfall.

The revenue generating bills passed out of House face uncertainty.  Several bills stray from guidelines Governor Jindal outlined at the start of the session.  Lawmakers must come up with a final budget by the end of the session on June 11.

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