Taylor Costa

Production Assistant

Taylor earned an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Business Technology in 2016 from Louisiana Delta Community College and then received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Louisiana Monroe in 2018.

His radio career began at KXUL 91X, ULM’s student-operated radio station, as an on-air personality. He was soon promoted to music director and then operations manager and held both positions until he graduated. Taylor also wrote periodically for ULM’s student newspaper, The Hawkeye.

He has worked in the Ouachita Parish Public Library system for the last eight years and is a freelance reporter for a newspaper in Northeastern Louisiana. Taylor began doing production work for KEDM in the summer of 2019.

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A child who goes through trauma can experience multiple types of health problems, which can transfer into their adulthood.

Early Childhood Life Skills Coordinator Tammy Washington of the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana discussed in an interview with KEDM last Thursday how adverse childhood experiences can impact a child. 

An adverse childhood experience, or ACE, is a study that explains how trauma and adversity faced in childhood can increase the physical, mental and behavioral problems that can appear later in life, according to Washington.  

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October is national bullying prevention month, which means it is time to address the issuse of bullying because of the negative impact it can have on a child.

KEDM’s Taylor Costa spoke with Tammy Washington, early childhood life skills coordinator at the Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, about the issue and why it is crucial to have the talk about bullying with your children.


On what to tell children about bullying

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Suicide can affect anybody at any age, and communication is the key to help a struggling child. KEDM’s Taylor Costa spoke with Jan Daniels, the youth development coordinator at the Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, about suicide and ways to reach out to struggling children.


On what parents need to know about suicide

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Children today are growing up in a society that depends heavily on technology, and parents are faced with the question of when is the appropriate time to allow their child to have a cellphone and use social media. Ronna Glickman, social media speaker and consultant, discusses how to introduce your child to social media and how to use technology responsibly. 


On why it’s important for parents to talk to their children about cellphone and technology use

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Having the pressure to perform well at school can cause anxiety in children. With school starting back up, that means your child is at risk of experiencing some form of anxiety. Pattie McGilton, infant mental health consultant for the Children’s Coalition of Northeast Louisiana, talks about the signs of back to school anxiety and what to do if your child experiences it.


On what it is like to feel anxiety

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Adults and children who suffer from ADHD are often prescribed stimulants, but when it comes to your child, it may not always be the best choice. Dr. Scott Zentner, a psychologist at Family Solutions Counseling Center, talks about children taking stimulants and other possible options available for attention issues.


On stimulants being used on children with ADHD

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Children who suffer from anxiety can experience nervousness, fear and sadness. Dr. Katherine Wilson, marriage and family counselor at the Women’s Clinic of Monroe, says talking with your child about their feelings could be the best way to help them if they’re suffering from anxiety.


On information parents and youth need to know about anxiety

Everyone is susceptible to feeling anxiety and some form of stress. It’s a normal healthy reaction that protects us in some way, but at some point it becomes problematic.

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Students and teenagers in Northeast Louisiana are receiving misinformation about sexual health from the internet, TV and other unreliable sources. Merion Sanderson, a registered nurse and sexual health instructor at the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, talks about the importance of properly informing your children about sexual health in today’s society.


On problems related to sexual health with teens and students in Northeast Louisiana  

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Puberty is one of the most important stages a child will go through growing up, and it’s crucial for them to be properly informed about what they will experience. Rena Braswell, nurse practitioner at Monroe Pediatrics, explains how to have the talk on puberty with your child and when is the best time to have it.


On when is the best time to start having conversations on puberty

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The West Ouachita Senior Center offers a range of services to help seniors maintain their independence while aging in place.

Seniors with access to transportation are more likely to be independent in their daily lives, according to West Monroe Director of Community Services Vicki Hilbun.

Hilbun also serves as the director for the West Ouachita Senior Center where transportation is a service fror seniors. .