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Chuck Smith brings more than 30 years'  experience to Red River Radio  having started out as a radio news reporter and moving into television journalism as a newsmagazine producer / host,  talk-show moderator, programming director and managing producer and news director / anchor  for commercial, public broadcasting and educational television.  He has more recently worked in advertising, marketing and public relations as a writer, video producer and media consultant.   In pursuit of higher learning,  Chuck studied Mass Communications at Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia and motion picture / television production at the University of California at Los Angeles.   He has also taught writing for television at York Technical College in Rock Hill, South Carolina and video / film production at Centenary College of Louisiana, Shreveport.

CRIME & CAMERAS-  The city of Shreveport has seen its share of violent crime of late.  Over the weekend,  four people were killed and two others hospitalized due to gun violence.  Although some arrests have been made, the investigations remain ongoing.  Yesterday Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins held a press conference to announce some positive news regarding some high tech tools the city was going to install to help with fighting crime,  but before the details were explained he had a somber announcement.

LA BESE BOARD DISRUPTION— Louisiana’s top school board abruptly ended a chaotic meeting  as a raucous crowd of angry, unmasked parents packed the hearing room yesterday. The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education  was to debate  whether Gov.

ARKANSAS COVID CONCERNS:  According to the latest report from the Arkansas State Department of Health, Arkansas has had 41 more Covid-19 related deaths, bringing the state’s total to 6,539 since the pandemic began, three of those deaths  include  children.  Right now just over 1400  Arkansans  are hospitalized.

LA VACCINES & MASK MANDATES? — Louisiana  Gov. John Bel Edwards' chief lawyer says the Democratic governor doesn’t currently have plans to enact broad coronavirus vaccine mandates across Louisiana despite low immunization rates and a surge in COVID-19 cases overwhelming hospitals. The comments from Edwards executive counsel Matthew Block came Monday at a House committee hearing where he and Louisiana’s chief public health officer Dr. Joe Kanter were heckled and criticized by people objecting to masks and vaccines.   When things calmed down,  Dr.

LA VACCINE STATUS -   Governor John Bel Edwards and the Louisiana Department of Health announced the $1 million dollar grand prize cash winner and the last five $100,000  dollar  college scholarship winners of the Shot At A Million campaign Friday.   A retired school teacher from Bossier City,  Janet Mann was the million dollar grand prize winner in the state's COVID-19 vaccine lottery designed as an incentive to boost vaccination rates.

To find a Covid-19 vaccine location in Arkansas,  click the link:

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Copyright 2021 Red River Radio. To see more, visit Red River Radio.

ADDRESSING ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE — Louisiana’s top public schools leader has released a $132 million plan for spending federal coronavirus aid that he hopes will help students recover from the learning losses that occurred when classroom teaching moved online because of the pandemic.  Superintendent of Education  Cade Brumley  made the announcement yesterday at a Children’s Museum in Baton Rouge.    He said data on students  performance revealed a gradual decline during the pandemic.   

COVID SURGE CROWDS HOSPITALS — Dr. Joseph Kanter who heads the Louisiana Department of Health  says the peak of the state's latest coronavirus surge may be weeks away  which  could  be  a “catastrophic scenario”  for hospitals already overrun with COVID-19 patients.   During a conference  call updating  the  Louisiana Board of Regents,  he shared a story about hospitals having to turn away people with other life-threatening emergencies.

  ARKANSAS MASK BAN INJUNCTION — Last week Arkansas lawmakers were called into special session by Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson to consider his proposal to amend a bill he recently signed into law that banned any mask mandate made by any state agency,  including school boards. Appearing on  CBS Face The Nation yesterday, Governor  Asa  Hutchinson  explained  why  he changed  his position on the bill he signed into law.