Jenny Ellerbe

The ancient American Indian culture applied practical skills to a variety of objects and raw materials.  A collaboration between Masur Museum of Art and Poverty Point World Heritage Site presents a number of interactive demonstrations of several resources used by the ancient people.

"The event is held in conjunction with our current exhibit, Shared Earth by Jenny Ellerbe," said Masur Director Evie Stewart.  "The work includes artifacts from Poverty Point and it just worked out to where the field day was scheduled prior to Poverty Point being named as a World Heritage site."

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  U.S. Sen. David Vitter says if he's elected governor this fall, he'd immediately call a special legislative session to address Louisiana's ongoing budget problems.

The session, according to Thursday's announcement, would focus on: removing budget protections that leave public colleges and health services more vulnerable to cuts, reviewing tax breaks to determine if they benefit the state and cutting other tax rates.

No specifics were given about the tax proposals.

Understanding Anesthesiology

Jan 15, 2015

Many patients fail to talk to their anesthesiologist before a surgical procedure.   Dr. Zeke Wetzel, St.Francis Medical Center Department of Anesthesiology Vice Chairman, says a simple conversation can help lead to a better outcome. 

"Be honest, don't minimize any medical condition you may have," Wetzel said.  He recommends to make your doctor aware of your full medical history.  This information helps tailor a plan of anesthesia during surgery. 

Wetzel encourages parents to have the same type of conversation on behalf of their children, should they have to have surgery. 


Local Certified Public Accountant John Cameron recently received the Society of Louisiana Certified Public Accountants’ (LCPA) 2014 Distinguished Public Service Award. Presented jointly by the LCPA and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the award is the highest honor for public service leadership, impact, involvement and innovation a Louisiana CPA can earn. 

  A West Monroe native, Cameron has served community organizations for over three decades. Cameron is also devoted to improving the academic, economic, and cultural climate of his community.

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  After pleas from Monroe city workers for the administration to reward them for their hard work, the city council has approved two items aimed at starting a conversation on an increase in the minimum wage for city employees.

The News-Star reports ( ) the two items are a resolution stating the city council supports an increase in the minimum wage to $10 an hour and the approval of a study that will compare pay scales and job descriptions of Monroe to similarly situated cities.

Attorney George Britton collapsed Wednesday morning at the Ouachita Parish Courthouse, a victim of an apparent heart attack. St. Francis hospital confirms he is in critical but stable condition.

Monroe Police have a suspect in custody accused of shooting a fellow resident of Francis Towers early Tuesday morning.

K. Ouchley

One of the most under-appreciated native trees in Louisiana grows in every parish, is important to wildlife, and has a fascinating local history. During the Autumn it is one of our most colorful trees as leaves on the same tree may be purple, burgundy, orange and yellow.

  (adapted from Flora and Fauna of the Civil War by Kelby Ouchley, LSU Press)

K. Ouchley

The Druids thought it peculiar also. As you are traveling around the next few days, scan the tops of the leafless hardwood trees and look for the dark green clumps of mistletoe. Now contemplate just how they cam about growing in the loftiest boughs of our tallest oaks.


Kleckley Vows Fight Over Deep Cuts To Higher Ed

Jan 12, 2015

Louisiana House Speaker Rep. Chuck Kleckley plans to fight any plan that would significantly reduce higher education funding in the spring legislative session. 

Last week, a spokesperson for Gov. Bobby Jindal stated the administration was looking at a cut of $200 to $300 million for state colleges and universities.  "That would not set higher ed back by years, but, by generations," said Kleckley.  Jindal's staff is considering ways to reduce state spending as a result of an anticipated $1.4 billion shortfall.  A reduction would occur in the fiscal year budget starting July 1.