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ULM Student Newspaper Recognized Regionally, Nationally

ULM Hawkeye
Staff members of ULM student newspaper The Hawkeye pose with awards won at the 2019 Southeastern Journalism Conference.

The Hawkeye, the student-run newspaper of the University of Louisiana at Monroe, won first place for best newspaper at the “Best of the South” awards hosted by the Southeast Journalism Conference.

The Hawkeye beat over 30 other school newspapers for the SEJC award.

Sisam Shrestha, editor-in-chief of The Hawkeye and a senior atmospheric science major, said her team’s success comes from their commitment to the product.

“It’s mostly the drive and the passion that we as editors have and our writers have,” Shrestha said.

One member of the staff also received an individual award at a later conference. Prajal Prasai, co-managing art director for The Hawkeye and a junior communication major, won first place in a photo shoot-out contest. The event was held in New York City during the annual Spring Convention of the College Media Association. For the second year in a row a Hawkeye photographer won first place.

“I’ve learned so many things from this organization that has helped me actually achieve this, all the mentorships from Dr. Mapp and Ms. Kristin,” Prasai said.

Credit ULM Hawkeye
Prajal Prasai's award-winning photo from the College Media Association photo shoot-out in New York City.

Many of The Hawkeye’s past editors have gone on to have successful careers in journalism and journalism-adjacent areas. As they continue to work hard, Shrestha and Prasai said they hope to continue the legacy of the paper left to them by their predecessors. They also hope to go on and have successful careers with the experience they gathered while working for the student paper.