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Jimmy Kimmel bashes Health Care plan being pushed by Senator Bill Cassidy

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Jimmy Kimmel Live stage light

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the TV host bashed the health care plan being pushed by US Senator Bill Cassidy. “The Jimmy Kimmel Test” is what Cassidy had previously said on the show, that the nation’s healthcare system should pass, but Kimmel on Tuesday accused Louisiana’s Senator of being a liar.

Cassidy responded soon after on CNN and implied Kimmel didn’t understand the bill. The Jimmy Kimmel test would mean no family should be denied medical care, because they can’t afford it. But Kimmel said the Graham-Cassidy bill is a scam that’s trying to sneak in confusing language which does nothing they claim it does.

Kimmel listed organizations that oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill, then flashed a goofy picture of Cassidy and asked who people should trust.