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Bills signed by Governor John Bel Edwards

Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed bills into law from the 2022 Regular Legislative Session.

ACT 530—SB 272 Provides relative to wagering on horse races in a sports book lounge.

ACT 531—SB 30 Provides relative to facility need review.

ACT 532—SB 47 Requires public schools to work to develop a mixed provider delivery model of prekindergarten instruction.

ACT 533—SB 50 Provides for public school choice in certain high school programs.

ACT 534—SB 59 Provides relative to prepayment reviews conducted by Medicaid managed care organizations.

ACT 535—SB 62 Provides relative to the state central registry.

ACT 536—SB 99 Provides relative to permits issued by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy.

ACT 537—SB 104 Provides relative to telephone access in outpatient abortion facilities.

ACT 538—SB 115 Provides relative to mandatory training for peace officers related to human trafficking.

ACT 539—SB 144 Provides relative to hand delivery of absentee by mail ballots.

ACT 540—SB 147 Provides for sexual assault survivors to have access to certain documents from the forensic medical exam.

ACT 541—SB 190 Establishes the Computer Science Education Act.

ACT 542—SB 259 Provides reporting requirements for certain state agencies that administer certain federal and state social service or financial assistance programs.

ACT 543—SB 267 Requires disclosure of whether required ethics training has been completed upon registration.

ACT 544—SB 273 Provides parole eligibility for certain offenders.

ACT 545—SB 342 Provides relative to the application of abortion statutes.

ACT 546—SB 354 Provides for the "Louisiana Consumer Fuel Choice Act.”

ACT 547—SB 367 Provides relative to the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board.

ACT 548—SB 388 Prohibits the sale of certain abortion-inducing drugs without a prescription and provides for criminal penalties.

ACT 549—SB 434 Provides relative to the reemployment of retirees to meet critical shortage needs.

ACT 550—SB 450 Provides relative to microbreweries.

ACT 551—SB 477 Provides relative to issuance of a special permit for the operation of a combination of vehicles or tandem loads hauling containers to and from port facilities.

ACT 552—SB 498 Provides relative to DOTD and types of buildings processes.

ACT 553—HB 586 Provides limited authority to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission to access certain criminal history record information of licensees and applicants.

ACT 554—HB 612 Provides for the Louisiana Fortify Homes Program.

ACT 555—HB 655 Provides relative to the management of solar resources.

ACT 556—HB 724 Establishes a grant program for site development and improvement.

ACT 557—HB 742 Provides relative to fuel sales requirements and amenity requirements for qualified truck stop facilities.

ACT 558—HB 831 Provides for additional living expense coverage.

ACT 559—HB 856 Provides for an appraisal clause in residential property insurance policies.

ACT 560—HB 904 Provides relative to malfeasance in office committed by volunteers and contract workers of DPS&C.

ACT 561—HB 909 Establishes a continuum of care program for certain pregnant women and parents of young children.

ACT 562—HB 914 Provides relative to treatment of students with seizure disorders and training of school employees.

ACT 563—HB 921 Provides relative to adverse childhood experiences and trauma-informed education.

ACT 564—HB 329 Provides for the payment of certain judgments issued by the Board of Tax Appeals for approved claims.

ACT 565—HB 434 Provides relative to juvenile deferred dispositional agreements.

ACT 566—HB 455 Provides relative to minimum qualifications of teachers at certain nonpublic schools.

ACT 567—HB 470 Provides relative to the collection and sharing of certain student information.

ACT 568—HB 508 Provides relative to notification when an inmate convicted of a violent or sexual offense is scheduled to be released.

ACT 569—HB 510 Provides relative to the effectiveness of additional teacher training requirements.

ACT 570—HB 523 Provides relative to private events at brewing facilities.

ACT 571—HB 622 Provides relative to the unemployment insurance integrity program.

ACT 572—HB 671 Provides for testing of voting machines prior to election.

ACT 573—HB 710 Provides relative to the provisions of construction management at risk.

ACT 574—HB 783 Provides for technical corrections and revision of provisions of Title 8 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

ACT 575—HB 935 Provides for catastrophe claims adjusters.

ACT 576—HB 946 Provides relative to the membership and reports of special education advisory councils.

ACT 577—HB 958 Provides for licensure and regulation of nurse staffing agencies by the Louisiana Department of Health.

ACT 578—HB 1031 Imposes a road usage fee on certain electric and hybrid vehicles.

ACT 579—HB 1039 Provides relative to life safety and property protection systems.

ACT 580—HB 1040 Provides relative to payment processing services.

ACT 581—HB 1058 Provides relative to property disclosures regarding building restrictions and restrictive covenants.

ACT 582—HB 1060 Provides relative to freshwater charter boat fishing guide licenses.

ACT 583—HB 1062 Provides relative to occupational licensing.

ACT 584—HB 1073 Provides relative to scrap metal recyclers.

ACT 585—HB 1075 Provides relative to inspections of family child care providers and in-home providers.

ACT 586—HB 1078 Authorizes the creation of Louisiana timber and agriculture transportation group self-insurance funds.

ACT 587—HB 463 Provides relative to the illegal carrying of weapons.