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Friends of Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge Annual Photo Contest Results

Friends of Black Bayou Lake NWR
Annual Photo Contest Winners

Winners of the fourteenth annual Friends of Black Bayou photo contest were named on October 6, 2018, with a scenic/professional division photo called “Full Moon Ibis” by local photographer William Watson winning Best of Show.

All photos in the contest were taken at the North Louisiana Refuges Complex, including Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge, D’Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge, Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge and Handy Brake National Wildlife Refuge.

FoBB board member Leslie Calhoun was chair of the contest this year, with assistance from FoBB members Kris Kelley, Gloria Dedmon, Bob Eisenstadt, Monique Keeling, and Ann Bloxom Smith. Judges were several local photographers who evaluated the entries in youth, adult professional and adult amateur categories. Charles Heck, Sr., founded the contest in 2004. Kristopher Kelley is the current president of the Friends.

The public is invited to view the winning photos during the annual Fall Celebration, which occurs Saturday, October 13, 2018, 10 am-3 pm, when there will also be a free lunch and lots of family activities. The photos will also be on display in the Refuge Visitor Center at least through November, in addition to being on the FoBB website,

Ribboned photographs are as follows:

Grand prize/best of show: William Watson, “Full Moon Ibis.” (photo attached)

Judges’ Special Environmental Consciousness Award: Cyndy Hardaker, “Please Do Not Litter!”

Amateur--Scenic: 1st—Monica Boudreaux, “Serenity Now”; 2nd—Kris Kelley, “Refuge Visitor Center at Sunset”; 3rd—Lorrie Watson, “Serenity.” Honorable Mention: Tammy Smith, “The Great Fly-By” and “Solemn Serenity”; Monica Boudreaux, “Painting the Bayou” and “Cloudy Illusion.”

Amateur--Wildlife: 1st—Lorrie Watson, “Dancing Giants”; 2nd—Cyndy Hardaker, “Wood Storks”; 3rd—Monica Boudreaux, “All in the Family.” Honorable Mention: Cyndy Hardaker, “’Gulp’—Snake Eating Frog”; Lorrie Watson, “Gator in the Morning Light”; Tammy Smith, “Now You See Me” and “I’ve Got My Eye on You.”

Amateur--Birds: 1st—Lorrie Watson, “Mama Feeding Baby”; 2nd—Monica Boudreaux, “Content”; 3rd—Cyndy Hardaker, “Belted Kingfisher.” Honorable Mention: Cyndy Hardaker, “Eastern Screech Owl”; Monica Boudreaux, “Bashful Blue”; Kimberly Paxton, “Thrush in Winter”; Lorrie Watson, “Symmetry in Flight” and Great Blue Heron in Flight.”  

Amateur--Plants: 1st—Monica Boudreaux, “The Life Source”; 2nd—Amber Johnfroe, “Misted Hyacinth”; 3rd—Cyndy Hardaker, “Brown-Eyed Susans.” Honorable Mention: Monica Boudreaux, “Radiant”; Cyndy Hardaker, “Mexican Sunflower”; Tammy Smith, “Just Buzzing By.”

Amateur--People on the Refuge: 1st—Kimberly Paxton, “Meeting the Snake”; 2nd—Tammy Smith, “Rowing Along”; 3rd—Monica Boudreaux, “Mother’s Love.”  Honorable Mention: Monica Boudreaux, “Road to Fitness”; Lorrie Watson, “Wrong Camo Dude.” 

Amateur—Macro/Micro: 1st—Kris Kelley, “Dragonfly Eye”; 2nd—Cyndy Hardaker, “Painted Lady Butterfly”; 3rd—Lorrie Watson, “Thistle.”  Honorable Mention: Kris Kelley, “Sulphur Butterfly”; Monica Boudreaux, “On the Throne.”

Professional—Scenic: 1st—Jeff Perot, “Waterlogged”; 2nd—Mike Colvin, “A Maple among Cypress”; 3rd—William Watson, “Look Deeper: Foggy Morning on the Lake.” Honorable Mention: Douglas Hazard, “Sunrise”; Jeff Perot, “Old Oak.”

Professional—Wildlife: 1st—Chad McElwee, “Evening Glow”; 2nd—Mike Colvin, “Channeling Yoda”; 3rd—William Watson, “Big Boys Club.” Honorable Mention: Chad McElwee, “Blended”; Mike Colvin, “Double Vision.”

Professional—Birds: 1st—William Watson, “Dancing Dress: Great Egret”; 2nd—Mike Colvin, “Tossed Bug for Lunch”; 3rd—Tammy Heil, “That’s My Bug!!” Honorable Mention: William Watson, “The Elusive One: Least Bittern”; Mike Colvin, “Stop-Action Eagle."

Professional—Plants: 1st—Mike Colvin, “Early Light: Morning Glory”; 2nd—Jeff Perot, “Bright Beginning”; 3rd—Nathan Tremaine, “Blossom.” Honorable Mention: Mike Colvin, “Spider Lily”; Jeff Perot, “Blooming Light.”

Professional—People on the Refuge: 1st—Nathan Tremaine, “Balance”; 2nd—Chad McElwee, “Sunset Conversation”; 3rd—Mike Colvin, “Walking on Water.”

Professional—Macro/Micro: 1st—Chad McElwee, “Luminous”;  2nd—William Watson, “Maybe She’s Born with It!”; 3rd—Charles Paxton, “Ambushed.” Honorable Mention: William Watson, “Tails It Is!” and “Tiny Flower-Tender: Jumping Spider”; Mike Colvin, “Fuzzy Bumble Bee.”

Youth—Scenic: 1st—Lexi Harper, “Teacups”; 2nd—Kate Kyzar, “Gray and Alone”; 3rd—Dorion McFadden, “Thunder on the Bayou.” Honorable Mention—Lexi Harper, “Here Comes the Moon”; Kate Kyzar, “Louisiana Landscape.”

Youth—Micro: 1st—Lexi Harper, “Dinner Is Served”; 2nd—Kate Kyzar, “Gray Galaxy”; 3rd—Dorion McFadden, “Wildflower.” Honorable Mention—Lexi Harper, “Get Your Own Flower”; Lexi Harper, “Stay Away from Me.”

Youth—Plants: 1st—Lexi Harper, “Queen of the Pad!”; 2nd—Kate Kyzar, “Bright Red”; 3rd—Makala Gagnon, “Untitled.” Honorable Mention—Lexi Harper, “End of the Day”; Lexi Harper, “Don’t Leave Me Hangin’!”; Nola Grigson, “Untitled (Zinnia)”; Dorion McFadden, “Rose and Thorns.”

Youth—People on the Refuge: 1st—Lexi Harper, “Where Did That Bug Go?”; 2nd—Keira Boudreaux, “Pro on the Trail”; 3rd—Sapphire Davis, “Untitled (Nova).” Honorable Mention—Lexi Harper, “Run!”; Lexi Harper, “Wait for Me!”

Youth—Birds: 1st—Keira Bourdreaux, “Fly By”; 2nd—Lexi Harper, “It Is Hot!”; 3rd—Dorion McFadden, “Swoosh!” Honorable Mention—Lexi Harper, “Get Your Own Branch!”; Lexi Harper, “Where Are You, Little Fish?”

Youth—Wildlife: 1st—Kate Kyzar, “Black and White Beauty”; 2nd—Lexi Harper, “I Love the Sun.”  Honorable Mention—Lexi Harper, “King of the Lily Pad”; Lexi Harper, “Make Room for Me!”