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Kyle Ardoin To Replace Secretary Of State Tom Schedler

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First Assistant Kyle Ardoin will take over the agency that handles elections starting May 8th . Ardoin is replacing Secretary of State Tom Schedler, who submitted his resignation papers in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal. Ardoin knows he’s been put in charge during a pivotal time for the department.


Ardoin says, "The purchasing of new voting equipment and the perfection of the 2018 congressional midterm elections are high profile, high stakes, and high impact for voters across this state." 


The resignation will trigger a fall special election for the position.


Ardoin says “At this moment I’m interested in running the office, not for the office.” He says it’s a department that means a lot to him.


Ardoin expresses, "I cherish this opportunity because many don't know the basis of which my heart belongs to this agency." Ardoin's family worked for the agency when he was a child. publisher Jeremy Alford says the statewide elected post opening gives lawmakers an opportunity to move up the ladder.


Alford says, "The list is coming from the ranks within the legislature. No one needs to vacate his or her legislative seat in order to run for Secretary of State if there is a special election that is called."


Alford says expect some big names in the legislature to potentially throw their hat into the ring come fall.


Alford expresses, "Speaker Taylor Barras has said that he's been encouraged to look at the race, and representative Rick Edmonds pastor of Baton Rouge, representative Paul Holland,  and senator Gerald Long" could also fill the position.