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Death Of A Dog In Airplane Inspires Legislative Action From Senator John Kennedy

Andrew W. Sieber /

Senator John Kennedy has co-sponsored the WOOFF act which stands for welfare of our furry friends act.  He’s aiming to curtail the death’s of animals on airlines like the one last Monday on a United flight.


Kennedy says, "There have been a number of pets, in particular dogs, who have died on United flights." Kennedy says that the airline made a woman place her dog in an overhead compartment. 


Kennedy says he expects to get some answers from the airline that was responsible for the dog’s death.


Kennedy says, "There's no place in a reasonably civilized society for animal cruelty."


But Lamar White, publisher of bayou brief says Kennedy is looking for some cheap publicity.


White asks, "Where's John Kennedy been after the school shooting in Florida and the massacre in Las Vegas?" He says, "These were major events that should have forced him into action." 


The U.S. Department of Transportation says there were 24 documented animal deaths on airlines in 2017.