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Ouachita River Will Crest Wednesday In Monroe

The flood warning continues for the Ouachita River in the Northeast Louisiana areas of Monroe and Colombia until further notice.

In Monroe, the river level was at 46.1 feet at 7 p.m. Sunday and in Colombia at 6 a.m. Sunday the Ouachita River was at 66 feet. These levels are expected to rise throughout the week.

Major and minor flooding is expected to occur. In Monroe, the river will rise to 47.5 feet by Wednesday and then begin falling. In the Colombia area, the level is expected to rise near 69 feet by Saturday, Mar. 17. The water will flood the bottom of the Desiard Street bridge and major flooding will occur between the levees in Monroe. In Colombia, the Colombia Lock and Dam recreational area will flood and due to that, it will be closed. Residents will expect moderate to severe flooding of lowland river bottoms between and near the levee.

Flooding is a safety hazard and certain precautions are in encouraged to protect lives. The National Weather Services urges residents to not drive vehicles through flooded waterways, use caution when walking near flooded riverbanks and not to try to wade or swim in flooded rivers and bayous.

For more information, visit to get the latest flood updates.