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Congressman Clay Higgins Proposes School Safety Bills Following Florida School Shooting

Geoff Livingston /

US Representative Clay Higgins is proposing two bills aimed at investigating and improving the quality of law enforcement protection at public schools. After the revelation that the school resource officer present at the Florida shooting fled, Higgins says it’s time to reevaluate just who is charged with protecting students.


According to Higgins, these bills would "mandate a nationwide cultural change" to protect children in schools. 


Higgins says the bill would give policymakers a comprehensive look at just how schools are being secured.


Higgins says, "The attorney general and the secretary of education provide data to Congress regarding exactly what law enforcement assets exist at these 95,000 schools. Right now, that data is not available."


His second bill would establish national training standards for school resource officers. Higgins says the Florida shooting made it clear that public schools are just not safe enough.


Higgins says that every public school in America needs at least one tactically trained school resource officer.