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State Legislators Propose Bill Limiting Felons' Ability To Run For Office

Antrell Williams /

A sort of “Re-do” bill has been pre-filed for the upcoming legislative regular session by Metairie Senator Conrad Appel. Senate Bill 31 disqualifies would be candidates from running for office after convicted of a felony for at least 15 years after they have served a sentence. Voters approved this legislation before, but the Louisiana Supreme Court tossed it out, because the version that appeared on the ballot was different than what legislators approved. So Appel wants to put it on the ballot again.


Appel says that it "limits the ability of a felon to run for office until he has finished probation."


The “re-do” measure was also killed last session in the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, but Appel is bringing it back again.


Appel says that its important that the people "know who they're electing" and "have a say" in political matters.