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Louisiana Representative To Propose Bill Allowing Educators To Carry Weapons

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Chalmette Representative Raymond Garafalo will reintroduce a bill in the regular session that would allow school educators to carry weapons on campus if they have proper training.  Garafalo first suggested the idea in 2014, but it was shot down by House Criminal Justice committee.  In the wake of recent threats and attacks, Garafalo says allowing guns in the classroom may prevent future mass school shootings.


Garafalo says faculty who choose to voluntarily carry, would be trained appropriately while law enforcement officers would be notified as to who has a weapon and which teachers don’t.


According to Garafalo, administrators and teachers would go through a forty hour course designed by Louisiana police. 


Garafalo says this legislation will be a step in the right direction since the only sure way to stop the violence is to take all guns away.


Garafalo explains that allowing educators to carry weapons is a reasonable idea because taking away all guns would be "virtually impossible."