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Keep An Eye Open for Deer While You Are Driving

Deer in Field
Charlie Heck

Especially now that it’s getting darker earlier, State Farm wants to remind people to watch out for deer while driving. Louisiana ranks 41st in the country for the most deer collisions. State Farm Spokesperson Kip Diggs says it’s now mating season deer and they’re on the move. He says dusk to dawn are the highest risk times to see deer out on the roadways.


New data from State Farm finds the odds Louisiana drivers will hit a deer is down at 1 in 332, lower than the national average of 1 in 162. Diggs says if you feel a collision with a deer is inevitable, do not swerve away from the deer. He says vehicles are designed to take an impact like this.


Diggs says it’s important to drive with your high beams on as frequently as possible because the earlier you see a deer, the more time you have to avoid a crash. He reminds motorists that they also travel in packs.