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Hospital Service District #1 releases statement regarding Glenwood Regional Medical Center

WEST MONROE – Hospital Service District #1 has hired a consultant to represent its interest and the interest of the community regarding concerns over the future of Glenwood Regional Medical Center.

Hospital Service District #1 (HSD) Commissioners recently voted unanimously to hire William F. “Bud” Barrow to represent HSD in the search for a potential private entity to purchase and continue full operation of Glenwood Regional Medical Center.

Glenwood Regional Medical Center is a private hospital owned by Steward Health Care, which has 33 community hospitals across nine states.

In recent months, it has been brought to the attention of HSD Commissioners there are issues related to Steward Health Care’s ability to pay accounts and availability of supplies and materials. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals has had a presence in the hospital in recent months and is monitoring the situation to ensure quality patient care.

Glenwood physicians and staff members as well as many members of the community have expressed their concerns over the stability of Steward Health Care to both HSD Commissioners and the City of West Monroe. In recent weeks, multiple news outlets have reported of Steward Health Care’s financial distress.

HSD Commissioners and the City of West Monroe recognize Glenwood physicians and staff have gone out of their way to continue to provide quality care to their patients despite Steward Health Care’s financial distress.

“I am thankful to the HSD Commissioners for taking this proactive step in ensuring quality healthcare in our community,” said West Monroe Mayor Staci Mitchell, who also serves on the Glenwood Regional Medical Center Advisory Board.

The Hospital Service District was first created in 1951 by ordinance from the Ouachita Parish Police Jury in an effort to establish a hospital in West Monroe.

Glenwood Hospital first opened its doors in West Monroe in 1962. The hospital’s name later changed to Glenwood Regional Medical Center in 1980.

Glenwood was sold to a private healthcare company, IASIS Healthare, in 2007. IASIS later sold Glenwood to Steward Health Care, which still owns the hospital as of present time