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Monroe Mayor Asks Citizens To Take COVID-19 Measures



We are seeing significant increases in positive COVID cases in our area, around our state and throughout the country. Hospitalizations are again at an all-time high, and many are still losing loved ones to this virus or lengthy hospital stays. The Monroe area is no exception.

As we enter the Thanksgiving holiday season, many students will be returning home from college campuses and relatives may be traveling to visit family members. It is a traditional time for us to gather, give thanks and enjoy time with our loved ones. Unfortunately, it is also flu season.

Starting today, I am asking our citizens and our employees to renew their efforts to make the time to take reasonable precautions to minimize exposing yourself or others to the COVID virus each day. We all know the steps by now: wear a mask, social distance, and wash or sanitize your hands frequently. Testing is also an option. These are small but important steps that take very little time and just require being thoughtful about protecting yourself and others.

Monroe residents and employees, we are just a few months away from entering a new and exciting year for our City. My wish is that we are all safe and well and fully engaged in making Monroe one of the healthiest cities in our state. Please join me in joining the fight to reduce the number of COVID cases in our area. If we work together in protecting ourselves and others, we can make a difference.

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