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A Correct Diet Leads to Healthy Aging for Older Adults

Josh Mazgelis

A healthy diet influences healthy aging and can prevent and manage several diseases in older adults.

Malnourishment, dehydration and chronic diseases are the primary nutritional concerns of older adults, according to Amanda Hodges, registered dietician and nutritional coordinator for Vantage Health Plan and Affinity Health Group.

Hodges said the cost of food, eating alone, illnesses and physical drawbacks lead to malnutrition in older adults. “The elderly may not even be able to chew the meat they’re trying to eat,” Hodges said. “Those help cause that malnourishment.”

Different medications, physical drawbacks and incontinence can lead to dehydration in seniors, according to Hodges.

Hodges also said heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis are the main concerns they find regarding to chronic diseases in older adults.

“We have to make sure the they are receiving good nutrition and regular physical activity,” Hodges said. “If they drink alcohol, make sure they do so in moderation. All that helps with that prevention and to keep that good healthy nourishment.”  

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