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Masur Museum Brings Snapshot of Contemporary Art to Northeast Louisiana

Evelyn Stewart
Masur Museum of Art
Admission to Masur Museum is free.

Masur Museum of Art is showing work chosen in the 55th Annual Juried Competition until October 13. The exhibit includes contemporary artwork from across the nation.

The 55th Annual Juried Competition is hosted by Masur Museum. The museum invites a guest juror to judge submissions and choose which pieces make it into the exhibit. Joel Parsons, the curator for the Clough-Hanson Gallery at Rhodes College in Memphis, was the juror for the 55th Annual Juried Competition. Parsons went through 721 works of art from 259 artists, representing 40 states and South Korea. From this, he chose 62 works from 47 artists, representing 22 states.

"The cool thing about the competition is that it's all work that was made in the last two years," says Evelyn Stewart, Director of the museum. "It's kind of a little snapshot of what's going on in the art world at the moment." According to Lindsay Kearney, the curator at Masur Museum, six of the artists who submitted work are from the Northeast Louisiana area. "It's a really great way to see what we have going on in our community as well, not just around the country," says Kearney.

Kearney describes the process of receiving the exhibit as a big operation. "Of course we don't pick the works, so we don't even see what the show is going to look like until the pieces start physically arriving at the museum and we get to unpack them."

More information about the 55th Annual Juried Competition and Masur Museum of Art is available here.