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CA Studio Puts a Twist on the Shakespeare Classic "Much Ado About Nothing"

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Colin Edward Galloway, Laura Ulrich and Anne Brown are appearing in the production.

CA Studio is presenting "Much Ado About Nothing" as a dinner theatre August 18 and 25 and as a pie theatre August 19 and 25 at Lea's of Lecompte. Director Cathy Webb has put a twist on the classic play by setting in the Civil War Era.

"The show is very fitting to not only what we're experiencing right now in our cultural and political climate, but also what was going on even back into the Civil War and the 1500s," according to Assistant Director Laura Ulrich. "The issues haven't changed; the presentation has."

Actress Anne Brown says the play centers around couples, family, and friendship. However, manipulation, confusion, and plot twists still drive the storyline forward. "We've done a bit of finagling and gender-swapping, and we've been able to make it applicable regardless of which generation we set the play in," says Ulrich.

More information about the CA Studio production of "Much Ado About Nothing" is available here.