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Union Museum Hosts WWII Exhibit "A Call to Arms"

Marilyn Ludwig Wilhite, Union Museum of History and Art
Marilyn Ludwig Wilhite remembers the impact the Louisiana Maneuvers left on Union Parish.

Union Museum of History and Art is hosting "A Call to Arms: Louisiana Preps for WWII" July 20 through September 7. The exhibit showcases the part North Louisiana played in preparing the nation for World War II through photographs, artifacts, and guest presentations.

According to Jean Jones, the museum has drawn together unique elements from the events shortly before WWII. "North Louisiana can be so proud of its accomplishments in helping to prepare for war and ultimately succeed." Jones is the Vice-Chair of Board of Directors at the museum.

The Louisiana Maneuvers was one of the biggest things done by the U.S. to prepare for the possibility of being pulled into the war. "During smaller maneuvers in 1940 and larger ones in 1941, half a million young men came to Louisiana to be prepared for war in the swamps, rivers, and insects." Tanks, four-wheel drive vehicles, and even horses were brought in for the training exercises.

More information about the Union Museum of History and Art exhibit "A Call to Arms: Louisiana Preps for WWII" can be found here.