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Advocate for Children in Need with CASA

Brian Turner,
CASA is looking for volunteers, especially males, for the new year.

Help a child in the foster care system by becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate! CASA of Northeast Louisana is looking for volunteers for the new year. Training begins Thursday, January 18 at 5:30 at the Center for Children & Families.

Members of CASA are volunteers who help children in the foster care system through the court process. These volunteers gather information from biological or foster parents, doctors, and the child. They then use this information to advocate for what is in the child's best interests. The goal is to paint the clearest picture of each child's unique situation for the judge so that the transition from foster care to a home can be as easy as possible for the child.

Additionally, CASA volunteers offer a stable and steady presence in the turbulent lives of a foster child. Many of these kids may not have an adult in their lives who will be there and stand up for their best interests. "Kids in foster care have PTSD rates twice as high as that of combat veterans," says Jere' Anthony, the Community Development Coordinator for CASA. The monthly visits a CASA volunteer provides mean everything to the child they are helping.

CASA serves 11 parishes in Northeast Louisiana. To continue serving such a wide area, they are searching for more volunteers. CASA would especially love to see more male volunteers to help with young boys who are in need of an adult male figure in their lives. The process of becoming a CASA takes some work, but the benefits are lifelong for both you and the child.

Training classes start Thursday, January 18 at the Center for Children & Families at 622 Riverside Dr. You can apply to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate here.