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Santa's Going Green in 2018

Make sure you take off all your ornaments before recycling your tree!

Recycle your Christmas trees with Ouachita Green before January 6th! Locations for drop off are the Monroe Civic Center and the West Monroe Farmer's Market.

Ouachita Green is accepting your live Christmas trees to be recycled until January 6th. The trees will be chipped down into mulch, which will be used in beautification efforts in the Ouachita Parish region.

Stuart Hodnett of Ouachita Green tells us the three steps in the recycling process are:

1. Remove all of the tree's accessories, including the stand, lights, tinsel and ornaments. If these items are left on, they could contaminate the recycling process.

2. Try not to put your Christmas tree in a plastic bag for recycling. Instead, to avoid getting pine needles everywhere, simply wrap the tree in a blanket for temporary transport to your nearest recycling drop-off.

3. Make sure you bring your tree to one of the two locations between December 26, 2017 and January 6, 2018.

Get into the true Christmas spirit and recycle your tree this year!