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Balloon Release Ordinance Proposed For Monroe

Pamela Denmon, USFWS
Animals often get caught in the strings of balloons.

Many events end with the release of balloons. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says balloon releases are damaging to the environment yet organized balloon releases continue to occur.  The USFWS often finds animals stuck in the strings or ingesting the balloon. 

Credit Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program

Ann Bloxom Smith of Monroe works with Friends Of Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge. Tonight at 6:00 p.m. she will propose to the Monroe City Council an ordinance to ban the release of balloons. 

"We already have litter ordinances in place but people don't think about the impact balloons have on the area," says Smith. 

On multiple occasions she has found dead animals stuck in balloon debris on local waterways. 

Smith is continuing to fight local releases of balloons by educating groups about the impact they have. Earlier in the week she worked with the Monroe Fire Department to stop a ballon release that was scheduled to draw publicity National Fire Prevention Week. 

More information about the impact of balloons in the environment can be found at

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