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Monroe Citizens to File Lawsuit Against White Oaks Landfill for Bad Odor

Alan Levine-flickr
Buckhorn Mesa Landfill

A group of Monroe residents are suing the owner of White Oaks landfill for the reoccurring foul smell sweeping the area. 

Leading the charge of disturbed residents is Alan Brockman who started the campaign on Facebook when he was able to get 300 citizens to sign a petition in support of a lawsuit against White Oaks. 

"For the past couple months I've walked outside my house in the morning and got hit with a smell that the first time smelled like a gas leak at my house," said Brockman. 

The landfill which is located on 588 Meadowlark Drive has been notified by attorney Scott Wolleson that there will be a lawsuit filed unless White Oaks Inc. can meet a list of requirements that meet the citizens needs.

Wolleson added in a notice that the landfill has recently in past years welcomed petrochemical industrial waste which has been the main difference in noxious gases to the area. 

He added that the actions used by White Oaks Inc. have violated the Louisiana Environmental Equality Act and have been doing so since January of 2015.