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Starr Homeplace Connects Craftsmen to Build Creative Economy

The Starr Homeplace plays host to artists and craftsmen and women of all kinds.

The sleepy farming community of Oak Ridge is home to a unique haven for artists and craftsmen. The Starr Homeplace consists of 19 buildings on 9 acres of land, and once a month opens its doors to artists of all kinds for what it calls Community Day.

Community Day this month is Saturday July 9 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and hosts a fierier making hand made horse shoes, a blacksmith, a boat builder, and a local artist creating work live throughout the day. Any individual with a talent or craft is welcome to and ply their trade at the event.

Collecting so many diverse types of craft workers and artists also fosters a spirit of collaboration,which serves the true purpose of the Starr Homeplace, according to Director Joe Rolfe.

"We look and act a lot like a museum, but our real goal is to build the 'creative economy' in northeast Louisiana," says Rolfe.

The facility houses both a piano and an organ, and Rolfe encourages singers, musicians, poets, painters, woodworkers, and tradesmen to take advantage of the chance to network with other artist in the area. 

"Artist do better working in groups and feeding off of each others creativity," explains Rolfe. " This is an opportunity meet other creative people in the area, and build a creative community that can go on and become an economic asset to the area."

More information about the Starr Homeplace and Community Days is online at

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