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Whether KEDM is in the community with in-depth discussions, or just coming to an event to say "Hi" to our listener friends, you can learn more here.

The Power of One!

Be one of 100 donors to give$100 to raise $10,000 for KEDM by June 30th. 

KEDM brings you stories of all kinds, from all kinds of people - artists and entrepreneurs... teachers and students... factory workers and farmers... scientists and philosophers...ordinary citizens and powerful politicians.

Be the One to invest in the people and technology needed to deliver independent, enlightening news, information and ideas.

Give online at, and you'll be entered to win an Apple Watch!  Each gift totaling $100 will be added to a progress board that you can follow online to witness how the power of one can inspire another. 

Join us as we broadcast "Live" at one of these locations around Monroe: 

Wednesday, June 15

Thursday, June 16

Friday, June 17

You provide the most important funds that helps KEDM tell remarkable and memorable stories with insight and context, bringing you important issues, unique experiences, and essential moments that connect you with northeast Louisiana and the wider world. 
Be the One for KEDM and give online or call 318-342-5575. Print out the "Be the One" logo and post a picture with #kedmBthe1 to your favorite social media.

Thank you for choosing to Be the One for KEDM!

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