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Combating the Mosquito Menace

Robb Hannawacker
The constant threat of mosquitos looms larger in light of the recent heavy rains.

When the heavy rains and flooding came in March, it didn't take long for many residents to begin to worry about the return of the usual spring scourge, mosquitoes. With the water table already so high, more rain anticipated, and temperatures rising, conditions are ideal for these troublesome foes to return strong this year.

Ouachita Parish Mosquito Abatement Director Shannon Rider explained that April and May are normally heavy breeding times for mosquitoes. "We are still remaining vigilant in our surveillance of these areas and pockets and what the water is doing to try and thwart any potential major hatch-off that we may experience."

Rider said that northeast Louisiana was spared from what could have been a much larger and earlier outbreak of mosquitos after the floods thanks to a severe cold snap and winds that were higher than usual. Now that temperatures are warming up, however, residents are urged to remain mindful.

The Mosquito Abatement office suggests precautions such as:

  • Remove any standing water around the property
  • Limit outdoor activity to early morning and afternoon if possible
  • Wear light colored clothing
  • Wear long sleeves and pants when possible
  • Avoid using scented lotions and perfumes when working outdoors
  • Use Environmental Protection Agency approved repellents such as DEET, or picaridin

Repellents should be used outside of clothing only. Parents should apply repellents to children, and should seek a doctor's advice before applying any repellent to a child under the age of two.
Mosquito Abatement has more information at 323-3535.

Kirby Rambin is a natural entertainer, having played violin since the age of 9 and performing publicly since he was just 12. As a teen, he performed with the Monroe Youth Symphony and the Louisiana All-State Orchestra.
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