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Policy And A Pint: What Determines a Historic Site?


A basic question of historic preservation is understanding what defines a "historic site".  Tomorrow, KEDM's Policy and a Pint will look at the process of determining such site across the twin cities.

According to Cookie Cookston, a panelist in the policy discussion, a building's age is the primary factor.  "The main requirement is its age.  Anything approximately 50 years old or older, falls under a historic-type building," said Cookston.

Other considerations include what ties the building has in a community's history, or a structure's unique character or design.

Beyond recognition, restoration and renovation are key aspects of historic sites.  Cookston notes that most often, these projects fall in two areas.  "The building should be in working order.  If it is a bit rough around the edges, work should be done to maintain and upkeep the site," he says.  "The roof is the primary culprit of things going bad on a building.  If the roof gets fixed, then we're a long way going towards the repair."

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