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Spring Brings Talks, Tulips, and Tips At Biedenharn

Spring's arrival means much anticipated events are on the way at Biedenharn Museum & Gardens.  

Executive Director Ralph Calhoun presents two Director's Talks on Saturday, March 28th.  "We'll discuss Bibles and rare artifacts housed at the museum," said Calhoun.  "I try to share different facts and highlights for each lecture.  It always interesting to see where the conversation goes as guests share their questions on items that capture their interest."

The garden area has produced a wonderful display of tulips.  Calhoun says a "tulip pass" is being offered for guests to have multiple visits to see the blooming season of the beautiful flower. 

In April, the museum hosts it's annual Spring Symposium with guest speakers highlighting gardening, planting, and decorating tips.  A plant sale is held in conjunction with the symposium event.