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Policy Preview: Labels Can Lead To Better Choices

Learning to properly read food labels can lead to better choices and better nutrition when it comes to addressing obesity.  "Parents can help their children to read labels to learn more about a product, than what marketing would tell them," says Angie O'Pry, a local nutrition expert.

O'Pry says a company's messaging doesn't always tell you about what their product contains.  She says knowing the nutritional value of what you eat is a major key to managing weight.  "Bring everyone together, this can create awareness and support in the whole family," said O'Pry.  She suggests  each family member be given a task as it relates to meals and buying groceries.

O'Pry serves as a panelist during KEDM's Policy & A Pint.  The topic of discussion is obesity, as Louisiana has one of the highest rates in the nation.  The event is Tuesday night, 5 p.m., at The Fieldhouse on Highway 165 in Monroe. 

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