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Policy Preview: Changing Habits Where Food Is Heritage

Foodie Buddha

  One of the toughest sells of healthy eating in Louisiana is putting aside the rich, flavorful foods the region is known for.  Cooking methods, seasonings, and traditional ingredients, have become a staple for many families. 

"If we can get parents to understand the reason to make changes, that a healthy lifestyle is helpful in preventing chronic diseases, they can teach their children and we can change the family," says Donna Davis, a nutritionist with the Department of Health & Hospitals.

Davis says a number of young mothers she works with don't see a problem with their weight.  She feels helping them understand the long-range effects of a consistently poor diet is a starting point to creating better habits.

Davis serves as a panelist Tuesday during KEDM's Policy And A Pint.  A discussion on obesity begins at 5 p.m. at the Fieldhouse on Highway 165 in Monroe.

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