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Career Advice from Coach O


The sun was on a 120 degree seek and destroy mission as the LSU Tigers were wrapping up their Saturday August scrimmage. My youngest son was playing fullback for the Tigers his senior year, and Melinda and I were sweating it out in the stands. 

Most of the team had left the field. We were talking with John David in what shade we could find. That’s when I looked up and saw Coach O coming our way. 

He walked right up to Melinda and me, put out his hand, smiled and said, “Byron. Melinda. So nice to meet you. That’s a mighty fine boy you got there. Go Tigers,” and walked on to the bus.

I was speechless. I turned slowly to see Melinda was in a similar state. 

“John David, that’s amazing,” I said. “He doesn’t know us. Never met us. But he knew our name. He’s got 100 kids on this football team and for him to know our names…well, that’s just really impressive!”

John David let me soak in the glory for a moment, then put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Dad…that’s why they put name tags on you when you entered the stadium.” 

And with that, I pulled the name tag off my chest, allowing all the hot air to escape. 

OK, so it did take me a couple of years to get over the fact that I’m not a big deal to Coach O, but I did get over it. And I’ve come to admire some things about him and his career that I think you and I can learn from. See what you think…

1. Learn. Not if, but WHEN you fail, learn from it.  Things were not always grits and grillades for Coach O. His stint as a head coach at Ole Miss didn’t end well. But if you read anything about his time in previous captain’s chairs, you have to admit, he’s learned from his past. Gone is the control freak. The angry man. He’s doing what he loves. He’s better than he used to be. That’s something for all of us to shoot for.

2. Adapt. For years LSU was known for its ground and pound offense. LSU stood for Low Scoring University. All that has changed with a new look offense. 

What are the unbreakable rules in your world that need to be broken? The unchallengeable assumptions? The good thing standing in the way of the best thing?

3. Get help. When Ed Orgeron was hired at LSU, he was a defensive line coach. When he won head coaching job, he knew he needed help. 

So where do you need help? Are you humble enough to ask for it? And when others help you succeed, will you give them the credit and the compensation that reflects their contribution? 

Coach O, we wish you and your LSU Tigers the best in this Saturday’s SEC Championship Game. And thanks for coaching us up with your example.

Offering you Wisdom on Wealth, I’m Byron Moore. Geaux Tigers!


Byron is a Certified Financial Planner and Managing Director of the Planning Group at Argent Advisors, Inc.
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