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Celebrate Local Art And History At Starr Homeplace's Community Day

Starr Homeplace is hosting their monthly Community Day this Saturday, September 14th in Oakridge, LA. The Community Day will feature classes with local artists and farmers including poets, oil painters, and corn grinders. The event will begin at 8 a.m. that Saturday morning and last throughout the day. Starr Homeplace is located on 5317 Highway 133 N, Oak Ridge, LA 71264, just north of Rayville.

Starr Homeplace is a collection of historical buildings that house several artifacts pertaining mostly to agriculture and the arts. The organization began a relationship with the NELA arts community a couple of years ago, which started the event Community Day.

Community Day is a good opportunity for you to come out and take free classes from a number of skilled artists and workers or just enjoy watching them do their work. There will be chances to talk with these artists about their discipline and maybe even work alongside one of them.

If you are an artist yourself, Joe Rolfe, owner of Starr Homeplace, invites you to come set up shop and get to work. There is no fee for any of the artists that are looking to set up a booth and your lunch will be provided at the event.

The food option will be Chicken Sausage Gumbo with a number of drink options. The entrance fee is $5 and another small contribution will get you a meal.

Rolfe says that there will even be a blacksmithing class on the grounds in a couple of weeks, and you can show up “having never done blacksmithing before.” Those dates will be the first weekend of October.

Blacksmithing classes are not the only classes provided by Starr Homeplace throughout the year. There are a number of disciplines you can learn and maybe even adopt as a hobby. Starr Homeplace is here to help you with that process!

For information about Starr Homeplace, Community Day, and the upcoming blacksmithing classes, click here.