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Louisiana Authors Share Long Shot
Long Shot is the story of Louisiana’s 2015 race for governor.";

Louisiana's 2015 election for the governor left many citizens in shock due to its scandals, along with the victory of John Bell Edwards, the underdog of the election. Tyler Bridges and Jeremy Alford capture this narrative of media, scandal, and behind the scenes work in their recently released book, Long Shot.

Long Shot, titled because of the surprising victory of John Bell Edwards, follows the 2015 election in a novel like fashion. Co-author Tyler Bridges shares about the book that,"We put the reader in the room." This story is a behind the scenes look with information that has before remained unpublished.

The authors worked on Long Shot for ten months interviewing more than 100 different people involved with the election; this includes John Bell Edwards himself along with his family and friends, people from the David Vitter campaign, and political analysts. With over 100 viewpoints the book shares a side of the election story that many have not heard.

More information on the book along with a link to purchase the book can be found here.

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