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Tech Students "Do What We Want" at Downtown Art Crawl

Student artists from Louisiana Tech University showcase their work at the upcoming Downtown Gallery Crawl, Friday, February 4th.

The exhibition, entitled We Can Do What We Want, features works from Louisiana Tech's senior art students.

"What gives us common ground is that we're all still trying to discover who we are as artists. This show is a showcase of where we all are in this process," says Studio Arts student Lauren Eubanks.

With a wide variety of different forms of media and artwork, the exhibit is tied together through the experiences of the artists -- all of which are in similar stages of their careers and lives.

Student Jesse Suggs explains the digital source of his inspiration from gaming. "I grew up playing tons of video games. I'm pursuing the whole idea of illustrating fantastical themes, but really just want to tell a story with my art."

The event also gives the public a chance to interact with these emerging artist as they prepare to begin their professional careers. 

The exhibit opens Friday, February 4th, as part of the Downtown Gallery Crawl. The student exhibits will remain on display in the Upstairs Gallery until March 4th.

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