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Identity and Conscience Clash In "A Man For All Seasons"

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Sir Thomas More

Based on the true story of Sir Thomas More, A Man For All Seasons is presented at Northminster Church in Monroe this weekend.

In 16th century England, More struggled over ideas of identity and conscience in his loyalty to King Henry VIII. Director Cathy Airhart-Webb says the program presents an intimate picture of the thoughts and conversations of More, who was admired as a great scholar of his day.  

"He wrote about how a good society should be run, and he would not approve of the king's plan of divorce based on his wish to have a son," says Airhart-Webb.

Craig Henry is cast in the lead role.  He says the program delivers a deeply, powerful message.  "Someone who stood by his convictions and was willing to do so to the point of losing his life," said Henry.  "He was Catholic and disagreed with the king on this.  He also served politically as chancellor to the king, and resigned over the matter," he said.

Performances are Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. at Northminster Church.  More at:

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