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Trump Impeachment Inquiry: Watch House Hearings Live

The U.S. House of Representatives is holding open hearings in its impeachment inquiry into President Trump. All hearings will be streamed through this video player as they are live. Coverage will begin at 9:00 a.m.

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ULM Political Science /

ULM Political Science Faculty Host Impeachment Panel Discussion

The Human Services Authority Unveils The Grand Opening Of New Prevention Center

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Former Army Ranger and Procter & Gamble CEO Robert McDonald took over as secretary of veterans affairs three months ago, while the department was stained by scandal. The VA for years had falsified documents to conceal the delays veterans faced in getting medical care. One audit found that 13 percent of VA schedulers were told to cook the books.

Learning to name the colors is a ritual of childhood. At first kids have no clue; often they'll just say everything is "boo." Pretty soon, though, they can rattle off Roy G. Biv with aplomb. Still, that doesn't mean they understand what color actually is.

Mark Fairchild, who studies color and vision science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, says that even physicists get it wrong when they confidently assert that color is just a wavelength of light. barely worked when it launched last fall, with only six people able to enroll in a plan on opening day.

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President Obama says it's time for the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the Internet as a public utility to keep it free and open.


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Now a rare presidential apology that we can all hear, 31 years later.


MARGARET THATCHER: Hello, Margaret Thatcher here.

Critics of America's health care system say it's really a "sick care" system. Doctors and hospitals only get paid for treating people when they're sick.

But that's starting to change. Health insurance companies and big government payers like Medicare are starting to reward doctors and hospitals for keeping people healthy.

So, many health care companies are trying to position themselves as organizations that help people stay well.

On the wall at the Buddy Dive Resort on the Caribbean island of Bonaire there's an Old West-style poster. It sums up the feelings here about the beautiful lionfish, pictured with its plume of featherlike fins and amber and white stripes.

"Wanted: Dead," reads the poster.

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Obamacare

Nov 10, 2014

The second open enrollment season for health insurance offered through marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Here's a quick checklist for people who don't get their health insurance at work and plan to shop for coverage on the health law's online exchanges. Enrollment starts Nov. 15, but you can start kicking the tires now.


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Listen: Policy and a Pint: Preparing for Disaster

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Policy And A Pint: The Feral Hog Invasion

KEDM Policy and a Pint will talk about the menace of feral hogs with local scientist, biologist, land owners and farmers. Learn about land and crop damage, disease, and cost to consumers. Meet and Greet at 5:30 p.m. and the radio event starts at 6:00 p.m. The event will be held at River Grille, 2538 River Landing, Monroe, Louisiana. The open public forum will be moderated by KEDM News Director Cory Crowe. Call 90.3KEDM at 318-342-5556 for more information.

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Jailers Fired Over Inmate Who Died After Vomiting Into Mask

ULM Political Science /

ULM Political Science Faculty Host Impeachment Panel Discussion

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