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Dog Diving Event Takes Place In Longview Texas This Weekend

Courtesy: TNT Dog Diving
Credit Courtesy: TNT Dog Diving
Courtesy: TNT Dog Diving

DIVING DOGS Longview, Texas is going to the dogs this weekend. That’s not a criticism, it’s a fact as beginning today through Sunday hundreds of fuzzy, furry canines and their owners  will come to the Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center for a variety of events.  The Longview Kennel Club will hold their 2021 AKC Licensed All Breed Dog Show, the Tyler Obedience Training Club will hold Obedience and Rally Trials.   But perhaps one of the most anticipated events is the South Central Mobile Diving Dock where dogs of all shapes and sizes will compete in a diving contest.  Jennifer Newton is spokesperson with TNT Diving Dogs of Carthage, Texas.

"This is the first year that the mobile docks has been able to come to this event and so the Longview Kennel Club partnered with us to bring the mobile dock in."  Newton said. "I think we're under 300 pre-entries and so we still have some day-of-show entries so it should be a fairly good show for the mobile dock."

A diving dock for dogs has been set up at the Maude Cobb Convention & Activity Center in Longview, Texas for the event.
Credit Courtesy: Longview Convention & Activity Center
Courtesy: Longview Convention & Activity Center
A diving dock for dogs has been set up at the Maude Cobb Convention & Activity Center in Longview, Texas for the event.

If dog owners are interested in getting involved with the dog diving event, Newton says there's opportunities in-between main events at the dive dock this weekend ca;;ed "try its".

" It's not really a time for  a brand-new dog to swimming, you know to get into the water. But if you knew that your dog enjoyed swimming and  liked fetching a toy out of the water, it would be a really fun time to see if it's something they'd be interested in,' Newton explained.

As to the types of breeds suitable for dog diving, Newton says all dogs can participate if they like the water.

"Labradors, Golden Retrievers, all those water dogs do great in it.  But really if a dog likes water and they like playing with toys, there's really not any breeds that won't do this.  There's an adorable little weenie dog, a Dachshund that does this and it's just the cutest dog you've ever seen," Newton said.

Credit Courtesy: Abbie Cunningham Photography / TNT Diving Dogs
Courtesy: Abbie Cunningham Photography / TNT Diving Dogs

TNT Diving Dogs  set up a dog diving dock as part of the huge dog show that’s taking place beginning today and throughout the weekend at the Maude Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center in Longview, Texas.  CLICK LINK:  Facebook: TNT Diving Dogs.  For more information.

Longview, Texas will have a huge dog show this weekend and it will feature a dog-diving competition.


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